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International meeting of young beekeepers from the countries of V4

The idea of international cooperation of the countries which today we call V4 was originally propagated by J. A. Komenský, significant scientis, teacher who lived in 17 th century and who was also a beekeeper. Our project carries the spirit of his qoute: „Beekeeping taught me more about nature than all the books in the world. “

The cooperation of the V4 countries in the area of beekeeping has been reestablish last year, 2018 at Budapest. The goal of this cooperation is not just to solve current problems, but we also have to think about the future. The future of beekeeping are the young beekeepers and this is where we can find the biggest differencies among the V4 countries.

International meeting of young beekeepers from the countries of V4 will take place from july 29th to august 2nd in Banská Bystrica and is supported by Visegrad fund.  We are preparing this meeting with our partners Czech Beekeepers Association, Hungarian Beekeepers Association and Polish Beekeepers Association.

The Fund is an international donor organization, established in 2000 by the governments of the Visegrad Group countries—Czechia, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia to promote regional cooperation in the Visegrad region (V4) as well as between the V4 region and other countries, especially in the Western Balkans and Eastern Partnership regions. The Fund does so by awarding €8 million through grants, scholarships and artist residencies provided annually by equal contributions of all the V4 countries. Other donor countries (Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, the United States) have provided another €10 million through various grant schemes run by the Fund since 2012.

Within The International meeting of young beekeepers from the countries of V4 we announce creative competition and discusion about „Life of Bees“.

The topic is very timely because environmental changes have  a negative impact on bees. Below you can also find a powerpoint presentation which can help teachers acquaint schoolars  with life of bees. We will be glad if you send us a photo of the lecture (without faces), drawn pictures, collages on the topic of Life of bees at the address of the Slovak Association of Beekeepers or by e-mail to sekretariat@vcelari.sk. Schools and individuals have the opportunity to visit our Beekeeping museum in Kráľová pri Senci. To provide direct information on bees and beekeeping or as part of project or experiential teaching, it is possible to visit our lecturers at schools.

Please join in our art competition with the aim to protect environment and bees.


Instructions for competition: 

„Life of Bees“

The competition is given for schoolchilds in elementary school.

Competition rules:

The aim is making creative works on these themes:

–         Life of bees

–         Bees and environment 

–         Bees and future of human race

The competition run from 11th June to 20th July 2019. All works of art must be personally submitted  or delivered to adress: Slovenský zväz včelárov, Svrčia 14, 842 08 Bratislava to 20th July

  • Technique of works: drawing, painting,collage.
  • In case of individual works, please attach Personal Data Processing Agreement with signature of legal representative.
  • In case of works sent by the schools, please write on back side phone number of competitor’s legal representative.
  • Size: A4, A3 or A2.
  • Author may submit to the competition only one work of art.

Winners of each category will be selected by three experts.  The  result will be top five works of art. The age will be taken into consideration.

Evaluation criteria:

  • originality of the idea
  • originality of processing
  • art technique
  • level of art

Result of  the competition will be published to 1st August 2019 on our website and on FB.  

Top five works will be presented during the National Beekeeping Exhibition (Agrokomplex- 24.8.2019) in Nitra. 

The organizer of competition does not return the work to the author and reserves the right to publish their works with their name, age and city.

Documents required for the competition:

Privacy terms

Instructions for competition

Personal Data Processing Agreement with signature of legal representative

Personal Data Processing Agreement

Educational material – presentation for schools Bees and their importance

Description for presentation



Top five winners of the Slovak Association of Beekeepers 2019 drawing competition with a theme „Bee Life“ are:

  • Veronika Szokolová, 9-years-old, Komárno
  • Dominika Kovačicová, 9-years-old, Komárno
  • Lívia Tomíková, 8- years-old, Skalica
  • Lujza Janovcová, 8- years-old, Žilina
  • Lenka Lepulicová, 12-years-old, Púchov

Congratulation to the winners ! Their works we can see on FB:  https://www.facebook.com/Young-beekeepers-meeting-V4-106395267362165


The best creative works of art were presented during exhibition-Agrokomplex in Nitra


International Meeting of Young Beekeepers from the countries of V4

Slovak Association of Beekeepers organize International meeting of young beekeepers from the countries of V4 with the support of #Visegradfund. This meeting will be from 29.7. to 2.8.2019 in Banská Bystrica.

40 children and their leaders visited museum of beekeepers „Včelárska Paseka“ v Kráľovej pri Senci


Aims of project  were:

  • discussing a possible solution to beekeeping problems
  • improving children’s knowledge of role and life of bees and environment
  • increase their beekeeping knowledges
  • planted trees for improvement of conditions for bees
  • elimination of young beekeepers education differences on this topic especially in Hungary
  • educational activities to improve their skills in bee anatomy etc.

All participants represented their country during the meeting of young beekeepers with a short cultural program and little exhibition of beekeeping products with degustation of different kind of honeys from their countries.  As a symbol of friendship, they also planted linden trees in Včelarska paseka museum in Kráľová pri Senci and in the high school garden in Banska Bystrica.




This project had strong media coverage through television, radios, social networks such as Facebook and National exhibition, which helped to meet a goal of the increasing of the awareness of bee protection among the people and to increase their interest in this project.

Evening news with our young beekeepers and coordinators from V4 countries starts at 37:20

Morning broadcasting from apiary with our young beekeepers of V4 countries participants starts at 34:38

International meeting of young beekeepers from the countries of V4 published in Včelár 09/2019


We hope to see you next year in Hungary !